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Do you remember the touch of a stitch?

Do you remember the touch of a stitch? (42 minutes) is a video installation comprising 17 visual essays from participants in different parts of the world, in response to an open call titled “Contribute a stitch” that Meghna devised in May 2021. The motivation behind devising this call was obvious for the pandemic moment in time: to reach out, to find ways to relate. Seeking inspiration from Yoko Ono’s Mend Piece, the call hoped to gather as many hands as possible to relive/recreate a sense of touch, in the midst of a crisis of congregation and community. In that, the intention was also to remember and honour the labour of weaving and mending that women across ages and societies have been investing into the household, turning objects of shelter into home.

Concept and Curation: Meghna Bhardwaj

Video Editing: Rishabh Chowdhary

Sound Editing: Zeekos Perakos

Displayed as part of Meghna`s artistic research titled Yarning, at Scope, Dance Nucleus,

Singapore; Supported by Artefact#2 Creative Residency, 2021, Dance Nucleus,


Year of Premiere: December 2021


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