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The household, the everyday, the feminine….

Akanksha Kumari

January 31, 2022 

There exist huge political discourses around the term ‘domestic’. Most of which focus on the depravities within the domestic. The gender discrimination, the violence. In the context of the pandemic, when all of us found ourselves locked up inside our homes, the domestic further became a site of constraints, limitations. But, can it be viewed and perceived as a site of abundance potential for the body/bodies in/of it?


- dance practitioner - dance scholar

Pushing boundaries at March Dance Festival

Rupa Srikanth

April 05, 2018 


The six-day March Dance Festival, Edition Two, presented ‘contemporary body-centric work’ from artistes who find inspiration in fields other than dance, such as yoga and philosophy, writing, illustration and Indian sign language, besides conversations and workshops on the process of creating by international dancer-choreographer Antonio Carallo and senior artiste Navtej Singh Johar. The emphasis was on the process rather than the finished product.


Taiwan meets Asia and beyond at a Dance Round Table in Taipei

David Mead

January 16, 2018 


Edges (beginnings) by Delhi-based Meghna Bhardwaj opens with her in a shoulder-stand. As her body slowly wakes up, the eye is drawn to a different part in turn: fingers, feet, toes; especially toes. It’s like watching a being exploring its own new body. Later, there are yoga influences, and the dance becomes more upright and fluid, at one point featuring the isolation of different joints and body parts.

- dance practitioner - dance scholar

What do we see and feel while watching dance?

Himalaya Gohel 

September,  2017 


At the Attakkalari India Biennial 2017, we were presented a broad range of contemporary dance performances. The following two works stood out to me as endeavours to create an experience of dance that provides the viewer, in an unusual manner, with the choice of accepting or rejecting the interpretation of the choreographer.

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