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Edges (Beginnings)

Image Credit: Marcel Zaes

Edges (Beginnings) is a solo dance work-in-progress (14 minutes) that wonders at the cracks, creaks, and ruptures that a body lives every day. In Japanese culture, there is a tradition of painting gold in the fractures of ceramic pots, based on the belief that when something suffers a damage, it becomes beautiful. Finish visual and sound artist, Jan Eerala, whose works express a magnificent perspective on cracks appearing in nature, has been a major source of inspiration for this piece. Eerala’s video works, that focus on environmental shifts/degradation in Nordic regions, capture the power with which nature accepts and celebrates fragility, defying wildly as much as gracefully, any sort of man-made systems of space and time. While the term edges on its own may suggest a sense of constraint or limitation for the moving body, an insertion of Eerala’s visual approach into the piece invites the moving body to find a sense of breath, life, and rhythm vis e vis the notion of edges.

Choreography and performance: Meghna Bhardwaj

Video installation: Jan Eerala, Marcel Zaes

Sound design: Marcel Zaes

Light design: Claude Parrat and Antoine Mozer

Produced and supported by Facets 2017, Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts,


Year and Place of Premiere: 2017; Rangashankara, Bangalore


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