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Edges (Duet)

Image Credit: Kavi Dutt

Edges (Duet) is a dance work-in-progress (11 minutes) that emerges from a process of studying the number ‘2’, in that, how to find a physical, sensorial, and theatrical relationship between two dancing bodies when the word ‘edges’ is the only prompt available in space. The vocabulary is constructed from imagining spatial constraints in a flat and empty studio space, in which, the ‘other’ body too starts to function as a constraint, sometimes behaving in a mimetic fashion and other times actually putting in physical rigour to hurdle mobility in space.

Choreography: Meghna Bhardwaj

Performance: Sanchita Sharma, Meghna Bhardwaj

Space Credit: Gati Dance Forum, New Delhi

Year and Place of Premiere: 2016; PECDA (Prakriti Excellence in

Contemporary Dance Awards), Chennai.

Documentation: Manju Sharma


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