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Edges (Beams)

Image Credit: Marcel Zaes

Edges (Beams) is a multimedia performance that intends interpretations of the element of light through sound, movement, and video projection. The fully electronic soundtrack that Marcel Zaes contributes comprises high-pitched, sustained sine tones constructed out of algorithmic processes, that sound fragmented as if to suggest the inner disturbances and built-ups within a light beam, which at the surface appears utmost calm and continuous. The movement material that Meghna performs comes out of her research on imagining light as a form of suspension, fluctuation, and inter-weavings running in space. In that, she attempts to establish a relationship between the body and the light that is angular, rhythmic, and progressive in nature. The third element of the work, which is a video projection designed by Marcel, functions as an object of still light that gets installed as if to contribute an atmospheric coherence to the sound and the dancing body.

Live Sound Installation: Marcel Zaes

Light Installation: Marcel Zaes

Choreography and Performance: Meghna Bhardwaj

Supported by Prohelvetia: Swiss Arts Council, New Delhi; Premiered in 2018 at Sidharth

Hall, Goethe Institut- Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi.

Documentation: Marcel Zaes


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