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Yarning is the title of Meghna’s ongoing artistic research that studies the spatial, temporal, and emotional connections between yarn/thread/acts of weaving and dance. So far, as part of this research, Meghna has developed a series of durational movement/video installations, primarily with the support of Dance Nucleus and Esplanade Performing Arts Research Residency, Singapore, between 2021-22. The works have been displayed at venues in Singapore, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Amsterdam. Meghna’s chief collaborators in this journey have been artist Susan Sentler, currently based in London, visual/community artist Alecia Neo, based in Singapore, and visual and sound artist/scholar Marcel Zaes, currently based in China.



Body without location: 4 dances

People/Fields: Inter-weavings

Dis/En-tangling Concrete

bearing witness to the knotting skies

Do you remember the touch of a stitch?

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