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bearing witness to the knotting skies

bearing witness to the knotting skies (26 minutes) is a video installation that emerges from landing on questions such as- what is the relationship between a moving body and the rhythmic/vibratory structures, metaphors, and textures embedded in the act of weaving? How does one imagine a body immersing into the interiors of a woven fabric, a thread, and how does a woven fabric, a thread, penetrate through the body? In what ways do the interior and exterior corners, borders, and creases intersect each other? When does the inside become as clear as the outside, while the outside begins to morph and melt into a kind of inside? Can a dearth of space for connection, movement, and existence be lived like a dance? Is that how one expresses a sense of material endurance, a sense of visceral joy?

Concept and performance: Meghna Bhardwaj

Sound Design: Zeekos Perakos

Video Editing: Rishabh Chowdhary

Displayed as part of Meghna`s artistic research titled Yarning, at Scope, Dance Nucleus,

Singapore; Supported by Artefact#2 Creative Residency, 2021, Dance Nucleus,


Year of Premiere: 2021


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