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Edges (Solo)

Edges (Solo) is a dance work-in-progress (8 minutes) that attempts to find a sense of place-ness for the dancing body in a studio space by imagining various objects and architectures around her. The key provocation for Meghna during this research was: why and how does one begin to dance inside a flat studio space where the body is solely her own agent and responsible for initiating her movement? In what ways can she locate in her imagination certain external impulses so she does not feel alone and lost; in other words, how does she move in order to externalise or imprint the space around her without producing any actual tangible effects of her movement?

Choreography and Performance: Meghna Bhardwaj

Sound Design: Priya Sen

Created at and Supported by Gati Summer Dance Residency, New Delhi.

Year and Place of Premiere: 2015; Sidharth Hall, Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhawan,

New Delhi.


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